The GO_TRIGGER_USER environment variable is based on who triggered a stage. 
On the dashboard, the trigger message `Triggered by admin` refers to who 
triggered the first stage. I am not sure which console log you've attached, 
whether its for the first or the second stage. If its for the second stage, 
which got automatically triggered upon completion of the first stage, then 
it is the expected behaviour. 


On Friday, 6 April 2018 15:55:05 UTC+5:30, André Neves wrote:
> Hi,
> I've noticed today that the GO_TRIGGER_USER variable is being set to 
> "changes" when I trigger a pipeline manually. I do see in the pipeline 
> screen that pipeline was triggered by myself, my GoCD user but the variable 
> value doesn't match this.
> It should only be set to "changes" when it's triggered by a commit on a 
> polled material correct?
> I'm using version 18.1
> Regards
> André

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