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Re: Goa History

George Pinto wrote Tongue in Cheek that : history should not be done by historians but by confused, arm-chair amateur historians like Gilbert. We should ignore anything critical written about Catholicism, the Inquisition or temples being destroyed. Foolish, professional, biased historians wrote these kaneos. Instead, we should rely on arm-chair speculators of what might have been. The way forward for Goa is for engineers to administer medicine, for accountants to grow crops, for farmers to write software code. Goa will progress.

Dear George,

You make a lot of sense by that Tongue in Cheek comment. Perhaps, that is what has been happening all along, anyway. It just might be that we have 'biased historians' presenting us not so much with 'kaneos', as with with conveniently selective translations. All this giving new meaning to the phrase 'Lost (or is it selectively found) in Translation'.

When I have the opportunity to watch any sporting event, I normally tune in to the TSN network from Canada. The BBC/ITV commentators from the UK are much less biased when compared to the US based commentators.

During the Olympic Games, it is as though two different Olympic Games are going on.

The same thing wrt News. When you watch Faux Nooj, do you get the same view of the world as when you watch (say) RTE from Ireland or ABC (Australia) or BBC (UK)?

In the name of Freedom, we have Bias and Selective Presentation of Thoughts and Opinions.

Not surprising that the well known anti-Catholic, BJP idealogue MV Kamath had to quote a "Catholic" source in his attack on the Church. That is a well know technique.

And I do expect anti-Catholic elements to agree with the MV Kamaths of this world.

I ask MV: Is this the most important news item affecting India or the BJP at the moment?

I suggest that Equity and Equitable presentation of ideas are the only way we will achieve Peace and Goodwill (as far as possible) among people of disparate beliefs, colour, nationality or way of life.

In order to do that, we have to place ALL the CARDS on the table.

If we do that (and honestly), we will surely realise ....tough as it is to swallow... that ALL of our forebears be they Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Indian, Indian subcontinental, Continental and non-Continental Portuguese, Moghals, Turks ...whoever.....THEY ALL have been Brutal, Intolerant and Murderous of the "One's Before".

That is the only way that the "present" Goans came to displace the "original" Goans i.e. the Kunbis and Gaudis.

Those who came to LORD OVER the poor, unarmed and weak eventually ENSLAVED them into a multi millenia of SLAVERY courtesy the Caste System.

ALL of the 'invaders" razed the places of worship of the previous ones. ALL of them.

Some, like the Portuguese, destroyed what they considered places where "False Gods" were worshipped. Some like Aurangzeb, used the excuse of the horrible Devadasi enslavement of poor women into temple organised & based slavery into prostitution, as a reason for the destruction of some temples.

And just in case you are wondering WHAT happened to the Buddhist places of worship, Yes ..WHAT really happened to them?

Any thoughts, MV or compadres?

Back to equity in thought and word, I suggest that we place our own words in perspective especially when it comes to Religion.

Otherwise, we will be no better than the Jews v Arabs or Protestants v Catholics, Hindu v Muslims or even Sikhs v Hindus.

If ONLY we had realised that Men of ALL religions have destroyed in the name of THEIR God.

If ONLY we had realised that Men of ALL religions are biased in their presentation of thoughts.

If ONLY we had realised that Men of ALL religions ONLY believe the One-sided Americanesque
coverage presented by their side.

And YES, Men of at least TWO religions which claim to be Peaceful have BURNT Women alive; Men of One Religion burnt Millions of women alive courtesy Sati. Others sent folks to the stake for being Heretics or Witches. Remember?

And Yet, as the good modern day sage Valmiki (Faleiro) notes: Religion is a private matter.

We have one set (Catholics) who want to convert more people to Catholicism, and another(Hindus) who want to reconvert more people to Hinduism.

For Heaven's Sake, will you two sets of people just STOP trying so hard? Just be open, fair, equitable and honest in your dealings ...... and tons of people will join you. So many that you will not know what to do with them.

Unless we see ALL the sides, we are likely to be biased. And it is our Biased presentations which will be used to BEAT up upon some very good people who are in minority situations.

Many of our forebears were Unfair, Biased, Intolerant and Violent. We can be different.

Time to accept it and move ahead.

good wishes as always


PS 1:

Vivek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> : <It is well documented by independent historians>

jc: depends what the words "independent historians" mean

BTW: Are the persons who wrote the following 'selectively selected' posts, Historians or even Independent?


Introduction by Prof. Dr. M. D. Nalawade,
M.A., B.Ed., LL. B., Ph. D.,
Ex- Registrar,
Retd. Professor and Head of History Dept. Pune University

2: RAJPUT PERIOD WAS DARK AGE OF INDIA - Rise of Rajputs was for suppressing Buddhism


3: Sati Was Started For Preserving Caste

Ms. Shakuntala Rao Shastri, in her "Women in Sacred Laws" very aptly describes the pitiable condition of women before the Britishers came to India:


4: MAHATMA JYOTIRAO GOVINDRAO PHULE occupies a unique position among the social reformers
of Maharashtra in the nineteenth century.

Impressed by Jotirao's intelligence and his love for knowledge, two of his neighbours, one a Muslim teacher and another a Christian gentleman persuaded his father Govindrao to allow him to study in a secondary school.

Jotirao boldly attacked the stranglehold of the Brahmins, who prevented other from having access to all the avenues of knowledge and influence. He denounced them as cheats and

http://www.mahatmaphule.com/   ....click on "About Mahatma".

5: MY BATTLE YOUR BLOOD (needs subscription to read)


PS 2:

When you get an opportunity, please locate and read Mahatma Jotirao Phule's book SLAVERY


in the cause of Negro slavery; and with an earnest desire, that my countrymen may take their noble examples as their guide in the emancipation of their Sudra Brethren from the trammels
of Brahmin thraldom.


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