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In a major political development that may send shock
waves to a section of the ruling Indian National
Congress coalition of NCP MGP and Independent; who
were dilly dallying on bringing about an amendment
bill the Minister for Town & Country Planning Mr
Antanasio (Babush) Monserate assured a delegation of
tiatrist headed by  Prince Jacob this morning at his
residence at 1010 hrs IST that he will ensure that the
amendment Bill to the Goa Daman & Diu Official
Language Act 1987 will be introduced in the coming
session of the Goa Legislative Assembly.
Convincing the Hon'ble Minister, Prince Jacob who
spoke to this writer telephonically this afternoon,
after the meet,  stated that he brought to the kind
attention of the Hon'ble Minister that the plight of
Goa and Goans will be miserable in the years to come
if the injustice meted out to protoganists of Konkani
in Roman script are not given their due recognition. 

He lamented the fact that "our tiatrs and tiatrists
will not be remembered for posterity if their life and
works are not recorded and this could be achieved only
in Konkani in Roman script".  It is Konkani in Roman
script alone that has kept the culture and lifestyle
of Goa and Goans even the liturgical services were in
Konkani in Roman script -- why the Povitr Pustok  too
now available  is in Konkani Roman script reflecting
the tremendous support the script continues to have in
Goa and even world wide. which has given us an unique
identity in the rest of the country.  

Prince further stated that he told the Minister that
it  was mainly the Catholic community and those from
the Velhas Conquistas Talukas that were worst affected
and Salcete was the worst. All this by  introducing in
the clause 2(c) Konkani language means Konkani
language "in the Devanagari script" . Had this
specific mention of the Devanagari script not been
made in the official language act both Devanagari and
Roman the two scripts associated with the language
here in Goa would have benefitted as against only the
Devanagari script  and Konkani would have found
acceptance with all and sundry.

"True in the past 19 years we silently bore the
injustice in the hope that it would bring unity that
never happened and will never happen at the way things
are going on"  Prince added, now not any longer Prince
 said in an extremely emotive tone he added that  no
Goan wherever can shun this onerous responsibility
considering the fact that the demographic composition
of the State is changing at such a rapid state that
---Goans will be strangers in their own lands and
therefore Konkani in Roman script must be given the
official recognition. He told this writer every
tiatrist in Goa has the mission to promote Konkani in
Roman script and this being given the exposure and
support it deserves --- "watch out Prince Jacob
reiterated we mean every word that we utter" 
Prince Jacob clarified to the Honorable Minister in
his over twenty minutes presentation after excusing
himself for being ten minutes late and keeping the
delegation waiting but not until they were treated to
hot tea and coffee ---that tiatrist had always
reflected the mind set of this tiny State  --Goa,  and
the Goan society using the stage to draw the attention
of those in power and they have the wherewithal to
seat and unseat Governments. 

Without mincing words Prince told this writer that one
of the reasons that they had approached the Minister
Mr Monserrate and this they told him too at the
meeting is because of his credibility and his no
nonsense attitude when it comes to issues as these and
therefore  he alongwith other tiatrists  viz Mr Mario
Menezes, Bai Felcy,Mr John D Silva, Mr Marc Araujo, Mr
 Wilson Mazarelo Mr Anthony Rodrigues Mr Ceaser D
Mello and Mr Xavier and others  assured the Hon"ble
Minister that it was a matter of "quid pro quo ---
"you save our language Konkani  and our script the
Roman script and we will assure you all support on
every political fora".  Prince also stated that he
informed Mr Monserrate that the ex CM and present
Leader of the Opposition Mr Manohar Parrikar had
assured that no obstacle will be brought by his party
if the amendment to the Bill is introduced for Konkani
in the Roman script.

Later having given a patient hearing Mr Monserrate
gave  unstinted support and assurance to the
delegations demand of the tiatrist which he felt was
the demand of not only the select few present but also
of Goans at large and there was great joy in tiatr
circles as  the news spread like wild fire by noon. 

Later Mr Prince Jacob presented a copy of the proposed
amendment Bill to the Honourable Minister, the
amendment suggested is that -----clause  2(c) should
read "Konkani language means Konkani language in
Devanagari script ----and Roman script----. 

Prince Jacob also made it explicitly clear to this
writer that the tiatrist were never against Devanagari
script and would only wish that BOTH  scripts are
given their due place so that Konkani will flourish in
leaps and bounds. "DO IT (bring the amendment) AND YOU
SHALL SEE"  he added.

It is now left for the Honourable Minister to fulfill
the promise and assurance given to the tiatrists. 

Today's presentation at the Casa Monserrate was made
only with a select few tiatrists.  According to Prince
Jacob several more wanted to join the bandwagon today
morning to express their solidarity on this emotive
cause and a cause dear to every where.  but for the
sake of proper order and decorum only a select few
were taken for the presentation.

Meanwhile this writer recieved congratulatory
telephonic calls from Karnataka viz Karwar and
Mangalore when the news was conveyed to them
telephonically. It may be recalled that there is a
strong movement in Karnataka carried out by Mr Eric
Ozario of Mandd Shobann fame to ensure Konkani in
Kannada script is adopted as by the Karnataka
Government and they have made convincing successes in
the past few years.  During the meet in February this
year the troupe led by Eric Ozario came all the way to
express their solidarity for Konkani in Roman script. 
This clearly shows that diversity in script and unity
in language Konkani is the hall mark and well being
for Konkani mai's survival and not as a miniscule few
who portray themselves as messaihs of the Konkani
language and ONLY DEVANAGARI SCRIPT as its natural
script.  Down with such votaries -- the voice of
Konkani in its different scripts shall and will always
prevail concluded Prince Jacob in his lenghty
tele-talk.  The Mangalore group  have conveyed
greetings to the Hon'ble Minister Mr Antanasio Babush 
Monseratte and to Prince Jacob and the tiatrists who
made this herculean task easy with their united

Incidentally today is the longest day of the year in
the planetary calender and could well go down as a red
letter day.

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