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> Gilbert is right and Marlon is wrong. I agree with >
Gilbert that history should not be done by
> historians but by confused, arm-chair amateur
historians like Gilbert. We should ignore anything
> critical written about Catholicism, the Inquisition
> or temples being destroyed. Foolish,
> professional, biased historians wrote these kaneos.
> Instead, we should rely on arm-chair
> speculators of what might have been. The way forward
for Goa is for engineers to administer
> medicine, for accountants to grow crops, for farmers
to write software code. Goa will progress. 

Heck George, while we are at it, let's question all
the foolish scientists like Galileo about the solar
centric theory of the solar system since Pope Paul V
at that time put Galileo under house arrest and
attempted to discredit him.  Starting tomorrow
morning, the sun and moon will revolve around the
earth for me...


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