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Dear Aunty
Saude e Paz,

Congratulations to you dear aunty for your creative writing in this column. You are the true cyber social worker. It really makes my day. Keep it up. Just today morning I thought about writing to you when I saw an East Indian lady in her 40s, dipping a doughnut in a Tim Horton coffee cup in a Mall in Toronto. I just couldn’t believe it. So I said I will ask Dear auntie about it.

Kitem muntta antti, pettoi gue pontti..ami zataum… (said Alfred Rose)

1) What is the difference between
a)      “You are pulling my leg”
b)      “Putting in my ear” in Konkani (mhojea kaanant ghalta?)

2) What do you say in English for “Chaient bhakri buddoi?” or during Bhikream jevonn, “buddoin jevonn””paum verdurant buddoin jev? 3) How do you say “Limboi” in English? And do people still limboying in America? What would Bush say to it, that it is a terrorist attack?
4)      “Xitt addi gue”
5) Say hi to Ancol. Or are you diworced gue antti or konnank ghevn ravta kitem gue? Tempa pormannem, mateak kurponem? 6) I remember there was a weekly advice column called “Mogall Azo” in Cine Times, published from Marine Lines/Princess Street, Bombay 2, long time ago. “Mogall Ajea, aum mogan poddon, mhojea kallzak mar boslo, Atam vokot kitem? (vichar) To “Azo” tuzo soiro lagta gue? Tum poir Saturday “Kidd” Tiatrak eileli gue Toronto? 7) Poir kon eklo melo ani ek cheddum Cardinal funeral home-ant eilem ani meleleache ghovak munnonk laglem “Congratulations”, Tor tea munxean kitem nhunnpachem ? “Shame to you?”

Hea proshnamcho zabab di gue antti veguim. Ani khellant chitt dhaddtat toxi dhadd. Tar zang zang zang. Kuroikar “Oh gara, chitt, chitt”
“Konnaili re puta?”
“Dear Auntti” muttai ti boroita Amerikak san
“If u r a female, send me an email”
Ani ti “lol” mutta
“Antti. “lol” mullo kit gue?”   "Lollon lolon hanspanchem?"
"arre atam tempar kuoikar fuinche?"
Atam soglem satt butt latt zalam Goeam, soglem sophisticated.
No more limboi in Mumboi. Tissue is he issue.
Mog assum di aunty!


BTW welcome to Viva Goa on July 29, see you all there!

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