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Hi Cornel,
Unfortunately there are a lot of Believers' and
Charismatic groups operating in Goa and India, that
are actively pursuing evangelisation. Although
initially the Catholic Church had distanced itself
from Charistmatic groups, it seems to have reduced
that distance now. Perhaps this is owing to the fact
that a lot of Goans are attracted to these movements,
which are perceived to be slightly more dynamic that
the mainstream Church.

Active evangelisation is very sad indeed and
especially when pursued with the idea of "salvation"
tagged onto it. We are as irrelevant as ants on this
universe and yet we assume ourselves to be so
grandiose as to be concerned with the "salvation" of


Cornel wrote:
> Hi Elizabeth
> Irrespective of Kamath's warning shot or rant, and
> the sad case of the 
> murdered Australian missionaries, or for that matter
> other cases, I would 
> think that an active and organised  policy of
> Catholic evangelisation in 
> India is fraught with danger. Would you not agree on
> this? I saw the process 
> of evangelisation taking place for myself in Goa in
> Margao Municipal Garden 
> on Easter day in April 2006 and observed what was
> going on for a good half 
> hour. Later, that day, I met the organiser socially
> in Colva where he worked 
> at the Sea Coin in the evenings. Although a most
> pleasant fellow, I was 
> horrified by his insistence and deep belief that
> Christ's teaching should be 
> actively disseminated to those who have not heard
> the word of God.

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