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 Can someone help ...
 Hazel from GOA NSW Australia ?



                       KONKANI SKIT

I am organising a cultural function for World Goa Day 
and would like to have a small Konkani Skit.  I would 
be happy if you could suggest someone who could send 
me the skit (konkani/English) if possible.  I am
also organising some of the Goan folk dances and we 
hope that it will be a great day.
Thanks in anticipation.

Hazel Nazareth
We have a web site and you can view it 
for further information.


"Good ideas are two a penny. They only become valuable
when someone implements them.Then they become innovation."

Ian Pearson
BT Futurologist

WORLD GOA DAY 20.8.2006
  CELEBRATE it the way you feel you 
  should , not the way we want you to. 

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