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--- Elisabeth Carvalho wrote:
> Dear Mario,
> I know you wanted the women on this forum to share
> their views on the matter of foeticide in India.
> Again apologies for the delay.
Mario replies:
Foeticide?  Is that what they are calling abortion
Elisabeth writes:
> Let me preface my post by saying that as the mother
> of a daughter I find female foetocide abhorrent to 
> say the least. 
> With respect to the doctors who were hailed off to
> jail for aborting the female foetus, I do not find
> this an acceptable solution. Our medical
> professionals cannot be held accountable for 
> something that is primarily not illegal in India, 
> which is abortion.
Mario replies:
The reason the doctors were arrested is that their
complicity with abortions for gender selection was
illegal, even in abortion-happy India.
Elisabeth writes:
> Since I have been bestowed the credentials of "left-
> wing intellectual", and in keeping with them, I am 
> fundamentally not opposed to abortion. It is the 
> undisputed right of the women or at the very least 
> the parents.
Mario replies:
I was wondering when your "left-wing intellectual"
ideology would get around to supporting abortion,
which you say is an "undisputed" right.  How can you
then turn around and say you find only female
foeticide abhorrent?  
Since you abhor only female foeticide as the mother of
a daughter, does this ipso facto mean that male
foeticide is OK with you?  You have already said you
support elective foeticide which is what abortion is.
While I agree 100% that any woman and/or parent should
have an "undisputed" right to decide whether they want
children or not, once conception occurs, it gets far
more complicated.  I'm pretty sure the foetus they
create would strenuously dispute whether it should be
torn limb from limb and discarded like thrash.
Elisabeth writes:  
> Which brings us back to the Salwaar Kameez. We have
> to ask ourselves, what sort of society are we 
> creating in India. Are we creating a society that 
> values women, that treats them with dignity and 
> respect? Or are we creating a society that 
> perpetuates inequalities and demeans women at every 
> point, or even more sadistically caricatures them 
> into either "Madonnas" or "whores". 
Mario wonders:
Isn't it ironic that you are so concerned about what
these girls are being required to wear to school,
while supporting the "undisputed" abortion that would
prevent some of them from even being in school?
I would really like to know what reason was given by
the admistrators for what seems to me on the surface a
gratuitous, silly, even stupid, decision, while the
world is going in the other direction.  Wouldn't you
like to take their explanation into account before
deciding that they were deliberately intending to
caricature Goan women or trying to change Goan
civilization as we know it.
Maybe their intention was simply to protect the
virginal Goan girls from the lascivious gaze and
drool of the rampant Goan boys of today, who
congregate every evening, at least in Panjim, around
the Gaspar Diaz circle for this very purpose:-))
I would also like to know what most parents of school
age children in Goa think.  And finally, what do the
girls think, who were lucky enough to have escaped
"female foeticide".  Maybe they like the new policy. 
Does anyone know what they think?
I would request our dogged Goanet reporter on the
ground in Goa, aka JoeGoaUK, to investigate and report
back to us on this :-))
Elisabeth writes:
> Which explains my outrage at the Salwaar Kameez. 
> Also I've never really looked good in one :))
Mario observes:
An incisive and rational analysis of this comment
would have to conclude that you think you look better
when your "assets" are not hidden by a salwar-khameez,
which was invented specifically to hide as much of a
woman's "assets" as possible :-))

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