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Evangelisation as it is practised in the poor and
tribal parts of india is nothing but a mockery of the
teachings of Christ as well as a crude and despicble
attempt to spread discontent in the society.

I have had the opportunity to read the literature
disseminated by these miscreants and have found it to
be extremely derogatory and scurillious.

I will give one example:
 Recently the emanuel mission in Kota rjasthan was in
news when the polic raided their premises. All the
typical "christians persecued by Sangh parivar noises"
were made by the missinaries and the leftists

Here are some samples of what Haqeeqat, which was
being used by the Thomases and their associates to
convince Hindus in Kota to abandon their faith and
embrace Christianity, has to say:

* "Hindu gods and goddesses are fictitious and were
invented to persecute Dalits" (Page 9).

* "To prevent indigenous people from acquiring
knowledge, Saraswati invented difficult Vedas (which
nobody can understand)". (Page 16)

* "With the progression of time, people all over the
world (except India) were freed of their ignorance and
they began to disown wicked and cruel gods and
goddesses. But in India, because people are
(enveloped) in the darkness of ignorance, imaginary
gods and goddesses are still worshipped." (Page 17)

* "Sita was abandoned in the forest as per Ram's
wishes... Ram later asked Lakshman to kill Sita. In
the end, Ram frustrated with life, drowned himself in
Saryu. Such are the teachings of half-naked rishis who
are praised by Hindutvawadis." (Page 100)

* "Lord Shiva, to get people to worship him, dropped
his penis on Earth (Devi), shaking the ground and the
sky! ... . Poor Dharti Devi was shaken by the weight
of his penis. Seeing this, all the Gods were scared.
It seems Gods would use their penises as bombs!
Whenever and wherever they wanted to, they would drop
their 'penis bombs' to terrorise the people. Thus,
they were able to enslave the people... But compared
to foreign bombs, these penis bombs were a damp
squib." (Page 106-107)

* "(Ramakrishna) Paramahansa should have known that
Ganga is the world's filthiest and dirtiest river. How
many dead bodies float down this river every day? How
many half-burnt dead bodies are dumped into it every
day? And Hindus call it the holy river! In fact, all
the rivers of India are dirty and polluted...
Hindutvawadis pollute the rivers... and then depend on
their false Gods to cleanse them..." (Page 122-123)

* "How could Arya Hindus bring Aryanisation on this
earth. To be Arya, one has to be born of an Arya
womb... If Arya Hindus want to bring Aryanisation then
they must lend or rent out all Arya wombs to
non-Aryans. Non-Aryans should be given Brahmin women
so that children are born from Brahmin womb" (Page

* "In modern India, many Ramas of this belief are
living a carefree life. They marry several times,
desert their wives, marry several times, and leave
them. Many Ramas kill their Sitas. They are following
their God Rama." (Page 269)

No leftst or progressive secular sould ever questioned
these derogatory writings and instead harped on the
fact that Thomas was being prosecuted

If such things are circulated in tribal areas or other
poor areas the emergence of more Dara singhs is a
foregone conclusion

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