Here is a video I made in Toronto when my favourite priest (and relative) 
visited us last week. 

Fr. Emilio Lobo, now in his late 80's recollects his journey from birth in 
Zanzibar, to schooling in the Seychelles, to the seminary in Bombay, his first 
parish there, his return to Tanzania, a move to the USA and a stint in the 
Seychelles after retirement. Fr. Lobo is currently a resident of the UK.

Fr. Lobo was one of the most popular priests, especially among the youth, in 
Dar es Salaam. The reason was that when you went to him for confession, he 
actually asked you, from experience, about the sins that you may have 
committed. All you had to do was answer, yes/no. Penance was usually one "Our 
Father" and three "Hail Mary's." Towards the end of the video, Fr. Emilio 
explains the secret behind what he was doing.  

Who said a priest's life is not interesting?


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