tisfaction. Then there are those who dwell in social work to create self
illusion Some find gratification in occupying position of power in
occupation or society, wielding authority and influence over others Then
there are those ,who make their life a mission in accumulating wealth with
greed and avarice quiet a few get pleasure in donating constantly their
assets for publicity and hsppiness, Only those living within their means
and have fewest wants find a lot of solace and meaning in their life
Unlimited desires to posses are the root cause of unhappiness The fable of
the King, wanting to wear the shirt of the Happiest person, found that when
located was shirtless The swet innoncence of Children amuses us, but being
like children in our attitude , behaviour is too far fetched Hence the
hermits , religious are in search for God within themselves are often
elevated ,sublimated to the higher platform, being at peace internally Some
take recourse to drugs, alchohol to momentarily drown their miseries and
feel high and elated. Greed , avarice,prejudice, hatred, revenge, envy,
pride of intelligence,arrogance lack of humility, drain our energies and
rob our inner peace, joy and tranquility .The birds of the air and the
animals in the wild so happy, for they only bother for the day for their
meals The christians pray for daily bread evry day, but there is no
sincerity in limiting and living practically to this request Just detach
yourself from wealth , family ,possesions, greed and constant desires and
cravings for being loved , recognised, appreciated,and lo Eureka , you will
have discovered the truth for happiness to some extent, Health is wealth
and happiness and nothing wrong in maintaining it without obsession. Inner
peace radiates happiness, so be carefree, thionk positive and active, live
and let live and leave one day at a time Not living in the
present,excessively ruminating over the past,and over catious , worried of
the futue is unhappiness searching
Nelson Lopes chinchinim
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