From: Roland  Re: [Goanet] Spain's Stolen Babies: When Nuns Took Babies

All it took there was the might and power of the Catholic Church to drown out 
all the questioners and in Goa there was also the prospect of the local 
'Quartels'.  The influence of the church in Spain or Goa during Franco or 
Salazar was not to be trifled with.

GL responds:

So exactly what did you want the unwed pregnant mothers to do?

Have a back alley abortion like millions of unwed mothers do today?  Is that 
holocaust better?

And if the young girl has the baby?

In centuries gone by, unwed mothers with babies were even ostracized by their 
own parents and families. 

Look at the number of orphanages today where babies are brought to by their 
parents on grandparents for adoption.

Perhaps Roland as a very generous fellow (and others interested in this 
subject) should support one of these orphanages.  

Please google "Homes of Hope India".

We are talking about historical facts without putting it in context - then or 

Regards, GL

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