Just curious to know -- are there any Goan institutions still
active/existing in Kenya? The only two one can find links to online are:

The Nairobi Institute, Kenya (on Juja Road)
P.O.Box 40197
Nairobi, Kenya

The Goan Gymkhana
P.O.Box 41910
Nairobi, Kenya.

Google has some link to the former [http://bit.ly/NairobiInst] but there
are no details or photos linking there.

The Kenya Buzz has some link to the Railway Goan Institute at Parklands [
https://www.kenyabuzz.com/biz-directory/goan-institute] but it's not clear
if that is a past description or present.

Are there any other Goan institutions or links in that part of the world? FN
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