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My assessment of Cortalim seat where Olencio is standing against his own
relative Alina Saldanha will not give her any pressure and win the election
because he is immature and young compared to Alina .
I am  pessimist that this could be a trick played by  Alina to win the
election 2017.
 Goa Forward and even Congress will certainly go above Alina. ( read The
Goan today what Alina says)
I feel that AAP must review this studies and see that another person
superior and more matured is placed against Alina. Or not to contest at
all, so that Alina is lost and give chances to others like Goa Forward or
I may be wrong but this medicine of mine may be useful for AAP to think and
search for a better candidate.
My aim is some or other that BJP must go away. Any other party will do. But
definitely AAP must come.
Alina goes against the ideology of her husband although he had to stay in
BJP because of bad politics in Congress, and jumped to BJP for some
benefits to his ramponkars. Alina cannot be compared with her husband
ideology. She has been failing miserably.

Stephen Dias---------------

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