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Thank you for sharing the link on your group page , thought i mights well
mail you the info about the song , so here it is .

About The Singer / Music Composer : Andrew Ferrao
After carving a niche for himself as a successful performer, composer and
producer in his 23 year-old music career, starting his own collaborative
outfit was the natural thing to do for Andrew Ferrao.
One of the most distinguished keyboard players in the circuit, Andrew is
known for his unique playing style. His wide array of musical involvement
spans from performing with Rabbi Shergill, Neeraj Shridhar (Bombay Vikings)
Pritam , Natalie Di Luccio (Canada) Leslie Lewis , Vasuda Sharma , Hamsika
Iyer , Shruti Pathak and many more .collaborating with the Youtubers based
in Mumbai.  composing music for jingles and music albums and documentaries.

About The song : "Mai Ge Dhobitalao” is the debut single with a message
about Goa's current state of affairs. the initiative to speak out!
Its about Goa which is a piece of land like any other part of the world ,
what draws everyone here is cultural ethos of the Goan people , Harmony if
communities is strong yet youth are getting wayward and tend to get
instigated at the drop of the hat , Result of parents over indulgence , the
chorus of the song ends with “ Mar teka , fodd teka etc is the voice of the
youth .
In the song we are not lusting for blood rather we are pointing to egatbis
going on like maramari , crime , fights vagabonds etc the influx of
migration outcome of overseas goans , land being sold by locals for a less
price or keep it in the family , high number of bidders from the outside
state .
In the end we appeal to Goans not only to save Goa but to protect the
culture of an indigenous people . its the same story no matter how many
govts change because we must remember Government is about us, for us and by
us .

A philosophical analysis: if retention is stagnation..migration is
excommunication. Elections are an individual citizens constitutional right
or a tool to make us cower down in fright? Everyone searches for greener
pastures. Then there Is no green after wiping it clean. The chorus looks
like its the frustration of the adolescent we as adults are trying to
reprimand. So they sink the canoes n bury the nets as casinos now provide
them livelihood on mandovi river..blocking out the real sunset sunrise of a
citizens freewill. It all started with snakes n ladder n roll the dice
games n cards by hippies flower children who were bankrupt. Fighting over
languages will not solve real problems like progress of mind ethics
etiquette civility intellectual pursuit and art. Rather ..the coconut tree
will shrink n grass will attain great heights.. Figure of
speech..metaphor... Allegory.. Who are we fooling?.. Every paisa lost is
every bloodrop wasted.  Sinking in marshes while rich roam in Porsche's..
Kids on a field spree.. Everything getting free.. If parent getting angry
they going hanging on tree... Portugal tit for tat..bouncing ball on
invasion bat. Exhibitionism buried now with modesty pants. Mouth Is
watering for curcurith friedbread…
"Mai Ge Dhobitalao”
Genre : Rock
Song conceptualised by Andrew Ferrao in Mumbai
Song Credits : Music Composer / Vocals : Andrew Ferrao
Lyrics : Roque Lazarus
Video Director : Steve Carvalho (Mumbai)
Guitars : Nixon Soares
Bass : Crosby Fernandes (Mumbai)
Drums : Prathamesh Chari
Mixed & Mastered by Umar Shaikh at Kabir Studio ( Mumbai )

Music Video locations : Directed by Steve Carvalho ( Live sound engineer by
profession )
over 2 days of making the music video , Band was shot at the Andrews
residence  (terrace) in Verna by using minimum lights . the kids are shot
at Margao wholesale fish market , Margao vegetable market ,Holy spirit
church , Grace church Margao and Colva beach . the other locations include
Quepem mining area ,  slums at Birla , verna industrial area , Margoa
old municipal building , Rivona hill cutting etc Hope this works for you

P.S The music video went viral in less then 24hrs of uploading on Facebook ,
i was shocked to see people downloading and uploading it on their personal
accounts a bit of a shocker for all of us who are part of making it . The
music video on fb as of today has 17 thousand plus views and 514 shares

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