Ergo, Goan-con(sciouness).


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> Co-existence is a universal right and should never, ever have been
> compartmentalized or dictated by caste.  Is caste, therefore, and possibly
> all about intellectually engineered/ aka haste or neocon/Goan-con making
> the pre-emptive move against co-existence, thereby, elevating and
> establishing the so-called brahmin/bamon onto the upper rungs of
> society&rsquo;s ladder to survival and the rest unjustifiably doomed to
> their descending order and fate?
> There appears to be a mutually classified inference to
> &lsquo;Crypto&rsquo; Goans and shrouded in secrecy.  Could it &ndash;
> benignly or surreptitiously &ndash; be referring to &lsquo;C&rsquo; as
> &lsquo;K&rsquo; and &lsquo;K&rsquo; as Kosher?
> If so, it would adequately clarify why Goans are so divisive or
> progressively oppressive to their own kind.  That, however, would not have
> been the case if Goans were renowned as &lsquo;Koans&rsquo; rather than
> Goans.
> Dom Martin

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