Co-existence is a universal right and should never, ever have been 
compartmentalized or dictated by caste.  Is caste, therefore, and possibly all 
about intellectually engineered/ aka haste or neocon/Goan-con making the 
pre-emptive move against co-existence, thereby, elevating and establishing the 
so-called brahmin/bamon onto the upper rungs of society’s ladder to 
survival and the rest unjustifiably doomed to their descending order and fate?  

There appears to be a mutually classified inference to ‘Crypto’ 
Goans and shrouded in secrecy.  Could it – benignly or surreptitiously 
– be referring to ‘C’ as ‘K’ and ‘K’ 
as Kosher?

If so, it would adequately clarify why Goans are so divisive or progressively 
oppressive to their own kind.  That, however, would not have been the case if 
Goans were renowned as ‘Koans’ rather than Goans.

Dom Martin

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