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Re:   [Goanet] Potholes and BRICS (Times of India, 15/roh/2016)

Focus back on Goa, host of all this geo-political grandeur, and the term 
?Potemkin Village? becomes inescapable. Back in Russia in 1787, Prince Potemkin 
hastily constructed pretty-looking cardboard villages to deceive Empress 
Catherine II about the actual state of affairs.

This is identical to what has been thrown up in a frantic haste by the state 
administration. It is a South Goa-scale pretense of efficient administration, 
an incredibly costly make-believe of adequate foresight and planning. Let one 
single Russian or Brazilian or Burmese stray even a few steps outside the 
skin-deep subterfuge, and he or she will find a moonscape of derelict, severely 
potholed roads and highways, lined with ever-accumulating piles of garbage.

BRICS is all about aspiring for a better future, but in the meanwhile who is 
going to fix the present?

---------------------GL Responds:
This article is very uplifting. But in the typical Goan fashion it ends in a 
depressed state of affairs.Here is a reply to the question: "Who is going to 
fix the present situation?"
ANSWER :  The PEOPLE OF GOA through their ELECTED representatives; and the 
Goans who work for various government departments whose job is to fix roads, 
water, sewage and garbage disposal, electricity, public transportation, 
potholes, etc etc.
So there is no time to waste pontificating about the problems.  Goans 
themselves have to get to work on these decades-old problems.  As STARTERS, 
perhaps every Goan family can start by painting their own homes and having a 
beautiful garden. One cannot blame the government for the dilapidated looks of 
and in-front of ones own home.  There is no magic fairy-angel that will come 
and do it for the Goans.
Regards:  GL

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