Marshall Mendonza 
Subject: [Goanet] Potholes and BRICS (Times of India, 15/roh/2016)

A ready reckoner where India stands vis-a-vis other BRICS countries

Slowing economies, divergent outlooks: BRICS needs mortar to be relevant

-------------GL responds:
Different individuals and different BRICS leaders have differing agendas for 
such grand meetings.  And folks achieve varying levels of success.
As suggested in a post in the TOI, the less-than-average South Goans were 
hoping to get a new refurbished road going through their villages.
Likely the more-than-average Goans was hoping to make an added tourist-rupee 
from of this big event. The Taj, the Hyatt and other upper class hotels (and 
their GOAN employees) achieved their targets and their big tips. The Goan cab 
drivers and the restauranteurs had a roaring business.  
The leader of BRICS hope such meetings improve trade.  And individual importers 
and exporters from the various countries who came for this meeting likely met 
their expectations.  To most this meeting was not their first rodeo (as they 
say in America).  They wined, dined, made and sealed their deals. 
The news was ablaze about the multi-crore contracts the big private Indian 
defense contractors and those in the energy sectors signed with the Russians.  
Likely there were also behind the scenes and behind the newspaper-headline 
talks with entrepreneurs from China, Brazil and South Africa.  Every long 
journey and trade relationship begins with a small first step.
It is a pity the many more Goans did not avail themselves of the opportunity 
and participate in the small first steps to look at the larger picture and 
develop a dialog and contacts with their counterparts in rest of India and rest 
of the World.  For just a solitary example, Goa could show-case its college 
(undergraduate and postgraduate) educational system and be a center for 
international learning. 
Regards, GL

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