Ah Tehelka ! IF only you had played Presstitute ! IF only you were owned by Xri 
or Xrimati  Money Bags. 

Then.....folks like Mervyn Lobo and Eric Pinto would have believed you. For, 
They and their comrades are quite happy to unquestioningly trust whatever is 

So, it appears that a Few with poixe can control the thoughts of amche u know 

After the initial naivety, I stopped trusting what was written in Goa 
noojpapers owned by Vested Interests. (There were NO other kind BUT I soon 
caught on to their ways.)

So, NOW, I read every story (even the ones the Bhakts on Goanet circulate 
privately and publicly) with a few questions at hand: (1) Who owns this nooj 
paper / media (2) Is this nooj paper and writer 'in the tank' with any vested 
interest or is he / she independent ? (3) Is the journalist reporting the news 
or editorialising ? (4) Are multiple outlets doing similar stories ? (5) Is 
this the most important story that is being given prominence and are other more 
important stories being kept closeted ? (6) Am I an intelligent person or Am I 
a mindless Bhakt ?


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