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> So, NOW, I read every story (even the ones the Bhakts on Goanet circulate
> privately and publicly) with a few questions at hand: (1) Who owns this
> nooj paper / media (2) Is this nooj paper and writer 'in the tank' with any
> vested interest or is he / she independent ? (3) Is the journalist
> reporting the news or editorialising ? (4) Are multiple outlets doing
> similar stories ? (5) Is this the most important story that is being given
> prominence and are other more important stories being kept closeted ? (6)
> Am I an intelligent person or Am I a mindless Bhakt ?
> jc

45% of US voters will vote for the Republican candidate regardless of what
they see published or broadcasted. A similar percentage will vote for the
Democrat candidate regardless if the candidate is a woman or black or both.

US elections are decided by the 10% of voters who are swingers. I really
marvel at how the US media can parade tons of people who - three weeks
before the election - are still not sure which is the better candidate. I
admire these undecided voters. Despite being bombarded with info, they
remain unsure.

The people I despise are those who knew at the start of the year who they
would vote for and who never will change their mind. These are the
believers. The true believers. Their candidate will provide salvation.

The best way to win a US election is to make the issues so confusing that
people will make up their mind on election day. This year, thankfully,
there is a joker in the US pack. It really does not matter how clear one is
about the cards and the rules.

What matters - is when the joker is used :-)


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