Time given to us is the most valuable currency exchange on Planet earth
If you can read this, you must thank our teachers that you can tell the time 
and also know the meanings of a cross or a tick, numbers and alphabets, shapes 
and colours.  Those fortunate that wake up each morning, depending on 
temperature and the elements, may participate in events be it Birthdate or 
Anniversary, your position in civil society is measured in Time.  For example, 
if you did not give people a Time to be at work (or Church) they would not turn 
up at all or on Time converting energy into work to claim their worth into 
Money and the daily exchange rate as the sun sets with night prayers around the 
world.  For our people to forget their troubles there is always the next Dance 
where the Bar is a Goldmine garnished with Gossip blended in delightful music 
and cuisine to keep us going?
Religion has been a fountain of all our Education, at Church (people meet and 
greet/club together) one may have served in the Legion of Mary and introduced 
to the committee structure of President, Secretary, Treasurer Committee 
members.  In their various Duties like recording of minutes on a minute book  
and confirming the minutes before being signed off like proposer and seconder 
this will have enriched the thinking  and behaviour of Committee members into 
Adulthood for civilised society around the world.
Most people will tell you that they have better things to do with their time 
rather than striving to do things better.   Remember Time is given Free by God 
and when converted into an exchange rate for money the definition of Duty is 
lost in the translation of Paid or Voluntary work.
This Christmas will be the 10th Anniversary when the GOA UK administration was 
overrun by, in my opinion and what I have observed as, people with little 
honourable standing.
It is also about 10 years since GOA UK, a voluntary run and self-supporting 
organisation, ran together with the NRI office the Global Goan Conference which 
was at the same time as the Goan Festival in the UK.   The Goa taxpayer’s money 
of £8k through the NRI office was fully accounted for but ten years later, I 
have yet to see a full account of revenue, including sponsorship, and 
expenditure of the GOA UK for this event.   Recently, the Director of NRI 
Affairs, Ulhas Kamat, expressed disappointment when he said “We organised 
Global Goan Conventions in the past until 2011 and encouraged them to invest in 
various sectors in Goa”.
The reason why there has been no investment is that the Goa NRI Office, 
particularly in relation to the convention at Cranford, UK, had no opportunity 
to gather intelligence on the organisation they were dealing with in relation 
to its membership both in quality and quantity and whether this reflected our 
people here, living in the UK . It is my honest belief this organisation does 
not represent us at all.  The curry will not taste right unless the masala is 
One will recall that the efforts of Francisco Borges from Belgium suffered a 
similar fate.   Office bearers of the Welfare Section of the G.O.A. asked for 
sponsors for him running in the London Marathon which in 2014 raised 53 million 
GBP for charity.   Only 8 sponsors came forward raising around GBP 230 (two 
hundred and thirty GBP pounds), for Goan Welfare. 
>From the trustees report of the Annual General Meeting 2015 of The Goan 
>Welfare Society (GWS) under “Fund-raising efforts” the following was noted 
>“Regrettably, a fund-raising function, organised by the Goan Association (UK) 
>in August 2014 at Harrow Leisure Centre proved to be most unsuccessful and 
>made a loss of nearly £3,800 due to poor attendance at the event.   
>Fortunately, the Charity is not liable for this loss”.   This dance had a band 
>brought all the way from Goa.   The report does not indicate who was liable 
>for this loss and members of the Goan Association (UK) as underwriters now 
>have an opportunity to find out if these figures can be verified. Almost every 
>event over 10 years is posted as a Loss.
Our organisation was once the flagship of the Goan Community in the United 
Kingdom.   However, in recent years, all I can see is that it has been infested 
with the mentality of cockroaches that, in the absence of a Flit pump or heavy 
duty insect repellent, have been allowed to thrive.   A solution would be for 
the small number of its members or the majority of non-members to take the 
stance and clear this infestation by starving it of money and finding the time 
to take an active part to put the ‘G’ back in Goan.
As a previous active member of the Goan Association  and of the community since 
1974, wherever I go I am continually being asked by members of the community 
“Where is the £0££Y going” as our people talk about non-transparent and 
unaudited internal and external audits for  revenue and expenditure .  The  
complaint that  their enquiries in the absence of any service level agreement  
and dereliction of duty  by office bearers going unanswered cannot be ignored.  
The midnight oil has been burnt since 1966 by honorary volunteers working in 
harmony with our community, searching for premises.   Fundraising was made 
through socials, an annual building raffle and debentures.   Hard work and 
sacrifice was finally rewarded when premises in the form of a clubhouse, 
grounds and caretakers bungalow were purchased.   All monies collected from our 
community were given in “good faith” for community purposes in the UK and 
contributions from sister organisations abroad and individuals cannot be 
forgotten .   However, following the sale of these assets, a large part of 
these funds was not reinvested for community purposes as intended but was used 
to purchase commercial “Buy to Let” flats in a tower block in Ilford with the 
entire community in UK being left homeless with absolutely no community base or 
place to meet.   The youth have also been left to fend for themselves.
Even passports expire every Ten years as the features of people change and a 
new photograph is required. In time the Permanent OCI an iGoan will also change 
like the iPhone and iPad.
You are the link amongst the Jet age and the Bullock cart society in a time 
warp if you really care about our community; do not allow matters to continue 
as they are.  Students of Accountancy and Public administration will find this 
story fascinating for their projects. If you are a life member or ordinary 
member of GOA UK Limited contact the company secretary for your membership 
status in case you have been deleted .   If you have not seen a copy of the 
accounts request for one from the office bearers.      Lessons are learnt but 
never applied its in our DNA.  If you agree, the success or failure of a 
company is down to people like you and the time devoted. Life members and 
Ordinary Members kindly direct your enquiries in the first instance  by 30 
October to:
The Company Secretary
G.O.A. UK Limited, The Firs, 17 Firs Drive,Cranford,Hounslow,Middlesex, TW5 9TA 
Email a copy to mel...@orange.net for the record and any continued action. I 
have had complaints that people do not get replies to their enquiries. 
Melvyn Fernandes  (Escola Ghela)
Thornton Heath,Surrey,England
18 October 2016

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