Of all the Global Goan Conventions that have taken place, it would have been 
worthwhile if just one were totally about;

How to prevent so much infighting in our diaspora associations.

What must we do to gain a political foothold in the democratic countries where 
we have chosen to live (most applicable to Canada).

How to make our gatherings religion neutral and culture focused. By which I 
mean taking the values of our past culture into the present day.

How to pool our common monetary resources (in Canada a surfeit of reserve 
funds) for a common good. 

How to take all our idle money (in reserve funds and GICs/CDs/FDs) and put it 
to work for us. I do not mean getting a better investment rate, I do mean using 
it for the common good).

Most important of all how to rise up from our debilitating pettiness.

If we can't reach to the lofty heights of the objectives of our associations, 
it should be that we tried and failed and not because we brought each other 

Roland Francis

> On Oct 18, 2016, at 12:07 PM, Melvyn Fernandes <mel...@orange.net> wrote:
> Time given to us is the most valuable currency exchange on Planet earth
> If you can read this, you must thank our teachers that you can tell the time 
> and also know the meanings of a cross or a tick, numbers and alphabets, 
> shapes and colours.  

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