From: Nelson Lopes Subject: [Goanet] Pearls of Chinchinim Village


That is my designation , nomenclature and  title remembering and recalling the 
contributions, achievements of some notable villagers from my humble,  personal 
perception. I have no other particular or personal reasons, but elation as 
being our path breakers. They have left memorable and indelible foot prints for 
us to thread, emulate reminding us also  to do our best too. And which are 
documented and recorded by me. There are  many unsung heroes waiting to be 
resurrected ,whereas some have  already occupied preeminent publicity, 
documentation they deserved due to their influence and position in our society. 
As many sometime  ask politely what about forgotten others ?, to them I wish to 
 say you can do your bit and now ......
GL responds:
In American, nearly every town - small and big have a "Historical Society."  A 
similar variant existed in Colonial India and a British tradition. Part of this 
social group was a designated current historian that kept track of events and 
newspaper / magazine clippings of all printed articles and materials as it 
pertained to the area.   All this becomes a great centralized resource for 
future generation writers to research the area and the people. 
Chinchinim could continue its tradition of being first in Goa - in forming a 
village based "Historical Society."   This Society could be a legacy of Nelson 
Regards,  GL  

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