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*AIFF Media Team*

*NEW DELHI: *The Special Committee formed as per the directions of the All
India Football Federation’s Emergency Committee met at AIFF Football House
on August 3, 2017 to review the jurisdiction of the AIFF and State
Association and to adjudicate the status of a player in view of the dispute
between Mr. Abinash Ruidas and Kingfisher East Bengal relating to validity
or sustainability of the contract for the 2017-18 season.

The Committee reviewed the AIFF Constitution and AIFF regulations for the
Status and Transfer of Players as well as various circulars issued by FIFA
relating to the fundamentals of a contract to be entered between a Club and
a player.

It also reviewed the decision of the IFA’s Players Status Committee as the
Constitution of IFA stipulates that whichever Club is in possession of the
token of a player has the ‘legal right’ of registering the player in the
Club for the forthcoming season.

Based on the review of the above, the special Committee decided as follows:

1.The decision of the IFA dated July 28, 2017 relating to the legal rights
of the player on the basis of the token cannot be sustained and/or enforced.

2. AIFF is the authority to adjudicate the disputed subject issue in its
entirety including the “Status” of the Player and/or whether there exists
any valid and binding written contract, and whether there has been
mandatory compliance of Articles 4.3 and 5 of the AIFF regulations for the
Status and Transfer of Players.

3. As per the AIFF Constitution and AIFF regulations for the Status and
Transfer of players, the “Players Status Committee” of the AIFF is
entrusted with exclusive powers to deal with and settle the ‘dispute’ as
the status of the Player and his Contractual validity.

4. Any other or further decision of the IFA relating to or arising out of
the subject issue of Abinash Ruidas cannot be sustained/enforced.

Accordingly, the matter relating to validity of the contracts of the
players will be dealt by the AIFF Players Status Committee at a meeting to
be summoned soon.


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