Yes, of course; but is the horse not already half out of the barn? In
mid-seventies I attended 'upadesa' sessions given in Mysore by 'Father
Amalor' (Amalorananda) --- Reverend D.S. Amalorpavadass, who championed
'Inculturation' in the wake of earlier spiritual leaders who insisted that
the Vedanta & Christianity are joined in the natural evolution of East/West
human culture becoming 'planetized'. Later 'tributaries' such as Islam, in
due Evolutionary fashion join the mainstream---but everything takes Time!

Amalor's detractors accused him of trying to 'Hinduise Christianity' and
went to the extent of making a legal issue of it (in Madras/Chennai) which
fortunately did not go very far.  These Issues are not 'solved' by the
stroke of some power-broker pen but by a collective effort involving
'lifestyle adaptations'. Open Letter signed by Christian Intellectuals is
commendable, but there can be danger of 'activist-sounding brass & tinkling

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 3:32 PM, Goanet Reader <>

> Break Your Silence: 101 Christian Intellectuals to the Church in India
> Break Your Silence: 101 Christian Intellectuals to the Church
> Saturday, August 05,2017
> NEW DELHI: A 101 Christian intellectuals from all walks of
> life have written an Open Letter to the silent---and as some
> would say---the rather timid leadership of the Church in
> India to come out in support of civil society in its struggle
> to "safeguard India's cultural and religious plurality and
> diversity, and the republics Constitutional values of
> secularism, and socialism."

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