GRATITUDE is the milk of human kindness. It not only enhances the worth of
the  grateful soul, but also encourages the other side by sincere
acknowledgment. Happiness can promote repetation of such behaviou,
strengthening the positive attitude ,spreading good relations. When one
expresses a simple all encompassing word THANK you, it says it all. Whether
it should be qualified further, it depends on situations and motives of
both. Was it done with a special motive to draw attention towards oneself
or whether the response was spontaneous demanded by the situation ,
feelings of human values? Some would deliberately avoid  the sense of being
grateful to show insensitivity and send a negative attitude and the
message  of being not touched. Even though it might not be expected
response   silence can cause disappointment

Everyone from parents, neihbours, siblings, friends, have felt the sting of
emotion of ingratitude at some point in their life to varying degrees. It
has left them wounded while others have just ignored it with a smile and
laughter. Pondering over it can only aggravate the feelings of remorse,
whether the kind  act of gratitude have had its desired result. Individuals
go to great lengths to confer a benevolent act, when it could have been
ignored without any obligation and expectations. The ingratitude is felt
deeply only when there is close bond of relationship and not with
encounters with  casual strangers. It may be that some are honest, sincere
enough requesting not to embarrass them with overt behavior. Some in their
positions, power , influence can offer acts as normal, routine course of
their dealings, but still it is worth appreciation and recognition

How ungrateful are children at times towards their parents, who have
sacrificed with love and dedication and instead of reciprocating, treating
them with ingratitude .How often do   brothers and sisters overlook the
their duty towards one another. The neighbours often are logger heads over
trifling matters to settle scores, forgetting the better times of
togetherness over the years. Friends who had shared good relations perhaps
for  life long, suddenly are on the opposite side of each other accusing
each other of ingratitude.  Ingratitude is also the other side of
gratitude? It is a fact of life to be contended within life of human
existence. When ingratitude is reduced to barest minimum then joy .
happiness co operation becomes the bedrock of friendship and good
relations. Nevertheless elimination of ingratitude at different levels of
relationship is a myth.,  Is it ego, complexes jealousy, pride and envy or
just the  habit of taking things for granted, lethargy or indifference that
is displayed, sowing the seed of ingratitude? The Bible speaks of human
need of gratitude when ingratitude of 9 cured lepers is expressed with only
one returning to show gratitude
The attitude, sentiment, emotion towards gratitude can be demonstrated by
various ways. A broad smile, wishing and  sincere acknowledgment, ‘thank
you’ or commercial message qualifying it further, returning a good act if
not immediately, passing the good news around to activate, stimulate
others, a public or personal  message, a little floral gift,  a  present
etc to keep the sentiment warm This value of gratitude has to be ingrained
in the family, school and society by rewarding and public appreciation
giving  widest publicity. It is not justified rationalization to expect and
take for granted as duty and obligation vis a vis our relations. Gratitude
cements relations and spurs growth and development of individuals and
encourages acts of benevolence Gratitude begets gratitude in general, but
exceptions do occur, Gratitude in all our relations, students towards
teachers,  patients towards doctors, employers towards employees, children
towards parents consumers towards service poroviders and all inter personal
relations can further human bonds and remove misunderstandings and ill
feelings Gratitude cannot be dispensed, in measured, calculated  doses of
only reciprocation  instead of  shared values
Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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