Goan retirees in Canada once considered Goa as a Mecca for their retirement. 
Their ideal was 9 months in Goa, 3 in Canada.

Then experiences, specially medical ones made them revise that ideal. They 
flipped the numbers, 9 months in Canada, the 3 harshest Canadian winter months 
in Goa. The younger seniors 60 to 70 will still go for longer periods.

At the present time most Canadian Goans will use Goa as a destination to visit 
once every 3 years say, and for periods no longer than a month. Insurance, 
accommodation and other costs become too restrictive after that.

Now they seem to be abandoning Goa as a retirement place entirely, in favour of 
Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Cuba is in my opinion a good option to 
retire but it hasn't caught on yet. Crowds, dirt and rising costs in India, 
made them look elsewhere.

This Economic Time article on the French survey indicates retirement life 
standards for Indians living in India. For Indians residing abroad, smaller 
Indian non-touristy towns still offer good value. Living is cheap, people are 
hospitable, the culture is familiar, the environment is clean and hospitals 
smaller but not too shabby. In any case medical facilities will play a part in 
the decision to select such a place.

Roland Francis

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