Every  year the Indian budget is  highlighted thus. It is in fitness of
things ,if it is  also designated as such. The economic classes are very
poor., poor, middle class, lower middle class, upper middle  class, rich,
super rich and poor rich.

The focus is always on poor and farmers with middle class expectations
always dashed against the rocks of reality. They are dispensable and can be
ignored as voters that do not tilt the balance, By definition poor possess
nothing, without means of subsistence or sorry condition, which apply
mutandis mutandi to these very poor class  rulers of Indian citizens

Only the rulers can best qualify to be  in very  poor category, as they  enjoy
tax free salary designated as  allowances. free electricity, travel by air
and rail even for dependents, interest free loans for buildings cars, free
postage, attendants, luxury of pension, allowances to celebrate National
days  The method of calculations, telephone, gas, free medical service even
outside the country,  free education for their wards should similarly be
computed as perks,God knows what, In ordinary citizen`s case perks are
computed for taxation, Lakhs of rupees income of these very poor category
is exempted by self formulated law of exemptions. This is the poorest class
of Indian citizens created after  India became a  democracy. No Pay
commission exist to debate their dues and  usually the last item on agenda
is their raise of allowances, which is unanimously agreed without dissent
or consent. Income to the tune of 35 lakhs and in between is tax free with
all perks non computable for tax, Compare it with that of common citizen
who is bled by direct taxes  and various taxes under GST to the boot and to
account for every penny as other source

A farmer by definition is one who farms the land, whether his own or that
of others. Our very poor Kings own thousands of  acres of land. These
farmers corner all subsidies, benefits and can claim tax free income
amounting to crores and thus hav e an escape route to create black money.  They
do not toil or soil their hands but squeeze farm labour of last drop of
blood, If any They are bonded to serve for life for wages that are
questionable. They do not ever ask for loan waiver as banks write off nor
they commit suicides .You will be shocked if disclosed the farm loan waiver
in crores  is to the advantage of  these very poor class

Remember all classes of citizens as  aforementioned pay the same  GST as
super rich and billionaires for same item of use. There is no
differentiation in prices, The  prices for different economic classes do
not differ. During the last five years the prices of daily commodities have
hit the roof, but who cares as the very poor are taken care of by largess  of
the. Every successive  Govt  clamours  from roof tops to be on the side of
the poor It will be worthwhile thesis to identify the so called illusive  poor
and the farmer.

Beisdes  it  has become a fashion to rob Peter and pay Paul as
justification It was expected that black money unearthed by demonetization
would reduce the burden of tax on average citizen. The very poor class does
not tighten their belt, but very soon will adventure into raising their
allowances as they are hit  the worst

Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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