The Aradhon Choir Live At The Monte 2018
Conducted by Omar do Loiola Pereira

Publication date 2018-02-02
Topics goa, konkani, hymns, revisited, aradhon choir, monte music festival,
omar de loiola pereira, konkani christian music in goa
Language kok

Konkani Hymns of Goa Revisited. Sung by the Aradhon Choir, conducted by
Omar de Loiola Pereira. Presented by Fundação Oriente Museu. A live
recording at the Monte Music Festival 2018, at the Chapel of Our Lady of
the Mount, Old Goa, Goa, India.
The programme for this concert lays emphasis on Konkani Christian music in
Goa. A few hymns in other languages were also added in order to celebrate
Goa's linguistic diversity.
Konkani Christian music in Goa is incredibly rich,  not only in its
theological content but also in its musicality. If, on the one hand, its
lyrics are most often written by members of the clergy, giving these pieces
significant theological substance, on the other hand, its music is composed
either by priests or laymen with a significant musical background.
Aradhon attempts to approach these compositions from a different angle.
These hymns are sung regularly in churches across Goa and therefore their
melodies are, to a large extent, left unchanged, so that the congregation
can join in. A new music perspective is given by creating vocal and
instrumental arrangements around the melody.

In this performance:

* Sam Francisku Xaviera, by Raimundo Barreto
* Ekloch Amcho Somi, Vasco do Rego SJ & anon.
* Ruzari Saibinni, traditional
* Mari Mateak Ballok Zala, by Manohar Sardessai and Micael Martins
* Onod Mhoima, by Lino de Sá and Bernardo Cota
* Pie Jesu, by A L Webber
* Devacho Sobd Tum, by Lino de Sá and Bernardo Cota
* O Santissima, traditional
* Panis Angelicus, by Cesar Franck
* Tujea Hatant Mhozo Hat, by Vasco do Rego SJ and Tomás d'Aquino Sequeira
* Dev Zata Monxeachem Khann, by Vasco do Rego SJ & Alcántara Barros
* Sangatam Cholum-ia, by Tomás d'Aquino Sequeira
* Maie Kakutin Bhorlole, traditional
* An Irish Blessing, by Bob Chilcott
* O Happy Day, Gospel Music Standard


* Omar de Loiola Pereira, musical director, guitarist and baritone
* Fleur Anne Dias, soprano
* Anushka Coutinho, soprano
* Efigenia de Santana Miranda, soprano
* Heidi Loiola Pereira, alto
* Nisha Carvalho Costa, alto
* Ravi Carvalho, tenor
* Dylan Carvalho, tenor
* Gino Collaco, tenor and keyboard

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