Department of Economics, St Andrew's College, Bandra, Mumbai, is organising
a conference on the Economics of Pollution on March 15 at the college
mainly for the staff and students and interested persons in the community.
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Conference on Environment: The standard way to greet negatives like
pollution is with the market. A social planner would price noxiants
appropriately or introduce certificates in the ‘disservices’ and expect
exchange between buyers and sellers to deliver a nice equilibrium. In a
growth setting there is a tension between the welfare of present
generations and that of those to come. A mainstream economist would argue
that the degradation of the environment today is the price to pay for
current employment and market forces will induce technological innovations
to mitigate environmental decay tomorrow. However, the scale of climate
change already being experienced is of an order that breaks all models.
Unseasonal rains, bitter cold, searing heat are not rare events anymore.
The intellectual and social demands to understanding these phenomena
transcend the traditional boundaries of economics. Politicians are
indifferent. Matters like social self-control need to be addressed. Deep
philosophical and ethical chords are struck. St Andrew’s College, Bandra,
Mumbai, is organising a conference to explore the multidisciplinary aspects
of the theme.

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