Just to share with you the news of the death of Luis Assis Correia. He
passed away last night, after a brief illness. Luis was in his late 80s,
lived a full life, and spent a large part of the last many years in the Goa
he so obviously loved. He was deeply interested in the field of
Indo-Portuguese history and wrote a number of books on the topic. Some
links to his books (in the news) are here: http://bit.ly/LuisAssis

His wife and family informed that Luis' funeral takes place on Sunday,
February 25, 2018, at 4 pm at his village church (SFX Church in Velim).

In his memory, here are links to three interviews to what he shared not
long back:
Portuguese India, the Mughals... and (author) Luís de Assis Correia

If you'd like to share a message or a comment, feel free to post it via
some of the networks Luis was active on (goa...@goanet.org or
goa-book-c...@googlegroups.com) and we'll share it with the family.

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