Narayan said the auto lost control and toppled right before his eyes. The 
elderly driver, Rajkumar Palekar (54), and his passenger, Surekha Shivekar 
(32), were thrown out. "The airbags in my car popped out. My immediate reaction 
was to check on the auto driver and passenger. She was conscious and moaning in 
pain but he, being much older, had lost consciousness immediately. I dialled 
the police emergency number '100' but it was busy. Around 50 people gathered 
after the accident but nobody offered to help," said Narayan. 

This is an excerpt from a newspaper article about Indian actor Aditya Narayan 
ramming his Mercedes Benz into an auto rickshaw in Bombay.

“The emergency number 100 was busy”. This is quite the norm from various 
reports. What good is an emergency number if it is busy. Once there were 
standard excuses for this kind of poor showing. India is poor or India has a 
huge population.

Now it is more transparent why actually such things happen. Skewed priorities 
or low value for life.

Roland Francis

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