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>   1. Who are the bigger rogues? (Sandeep Heble)
>   2. Goa Nights (Bernado Colaco)
>   3. Fifth Sunday of Lent (Jude Botelho)
>   4. Dairy farmer's meet remain inconclusive (samir umarye)
>   5. Emergency Numbers Are Busy (Roland Francis)
>   6. Another good Goan goes book out-of-print (with this DVD)
>      (Frederick Noronha)
>   7. Mopa Airport pyramid invitation for suggestions and
>      expressions of interest (MELVYN FERNANDES)
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> Subject: [Goanet] Who are the bigger rogues?
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> Who are the bigger rogues?
> Today, everyone is making fun of Mickey. Fine, he deserves it. He had no
> business to drive his vehicle on the beach. But no matter how crude,
> uncouth and rough Micky might be in his behaviour, but still he's far
> better than some of the present day ministers who are far worse
> extortionists. Just to give one illustration one such Minister was not even
> willing to spare the founding father of his own party and demanded money in
> lakhs for otherwise routine Power (Load) approval. Corruption is a cancer
> that eats away a citizen's faith in a democracy. Today, people are losing
> faith in institutions and in the Government itself because of the rampant
> prevailing corruption that is happening, under the instructions of such
> Ministers. When you accept such mercenaries in the party to swell your
> numbers, then there's no option but to ignore such things as part of
> political compulsion. That is the nature of politics today. BJP's tallest
> leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee once said, " there can be no compromise
> regarding corruption". But today, Goa's politics is proving him wrong. Mickey
> can be taken care of but who will tame such Ministers?
> warm regards,
> Sandeep Heble
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> Subject: [Goanet] Goa Nights
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> Goa Nights is a new bar and eats place in Macau run by bharatis to 
> commemorate the journey of Vasco da Gama to Goa in the 15th century. This is 
> an interesting use of brand name Goa.?
> BC
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> From: Jude Botelho <>
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> Subject: [Goanet] Fifth Sunday of Lent
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> 13-Mar-2018
> Dear Friend,
> We live in uncertain times and we are never sure of what is going to happen 
> to the world and to ourselves. While most soldiers and their leaders are 
> never certain of whether they would come back triumphant, alive or dead, from 
> the battles they face, Jesus, as he prepared to face his passion and death, 
> was certain of His Father?s love and the ultimate victory that the Father 
> promised him. We too can be certain that the Father?s love will never fail 
> us! Have an affirming weekend! -Fr. Jude
> Sun. Refl. 5th Sunday of Lent ?God?s love is eternal. His death renews life! 
> ? 18-Mar-2018Jer: 31: 31-34;? ? ? ? ? Heb. 5: 7-9;? ? ? ? ? John 12: 20-33;
> Today?s passage from Jeremiah provides comfort to the people in the midst of 
> his gloomy predictions. The comforting part was the fact that Yahweh was 
> going to make a New Covenant in the new and final age of salvation. This New 
> Covenant would be God-centered and like the Old it would involve the people 
> of God in the response shown to God?s law. But the New Covenant would last 
> forever and it would not be written on stone tablets or in books but on men?s 
> hearts, as God would intervene directly. All this ?newness? would be made 
> possible because God would create ?a new heart? for his people and give them 
> ?a new spirit.? ?I will be their God and they shall be my people.?
> How I would love to know you!Once there was a salt doll that lived so far 
> inland that she had never seen the sea. Consumed with a desire to see the sea 
> she walked hundreds of miles towards the ocean. At last she arrived and she 
> stood by the seashore; enraptured by the wonder of what she saw she cried 
> out, ?O Sea, how I would love to know you!? To her surprise and delight the 
> sea responded to her, ?To know me you must touch me.? So the little salt doll 
> walked towards the sea and as she advanced into the oncoming tide she saw to 
> her horror that her toes began to disappear. Then as her feet began to 
> disappear she cried out, ?O Sea, what are you doing to me?? The sea replied, 
> ?If you desire to know me fully you must be prepared to give something of 
> yourself.? As the doll advanced further into the water her limbs and then her 
> body began to disappear and as she became totally dissolved she cried out, 
> ?Now at last, I know the sea!?James A Feeban from ?Story Power?
> In the Gospel we see Jesus speaking of his forthcoming passion and death not 
> with fear, but with hope and promise. We are told that a small group of 
> Greeks came to John and expressed their desire to meet Jesus. ?They wanted to 
> see Jesus?. Andrew knew that no one who desired to meet Jesus would be a 
> bother and so they approached him. Jesus begins by stating ?Now the hour has 
> come for the Son of Man to be glorified.? Jesus? message here is that the way 
> to glory for Jesus and for all of us is death to self. Jesus challenges a 
> worldly way of living. Spelling out his form of discipleship, he points out 
> that it is not enough to be Jesus? fans.? We become his followers when we try 
> to live like him and for him. Jesus interrupts his trend of thought with the 
> confession of his own fear. It is human to feel fear in the face of great 
> trials and suffering. Courage is not the denial of fear but rather knowing 
> enough of what is to come and yet doing what you have to do. Once we begin to 
> love we ope
> n ourselves to pain as well as to joy. When Jesus says; ?Father glorify your 
> name!? what Jesus is saying is ?Father use me as you will! What God did for 
> Jesus, he will do for everybody. In times of crisis God is glorifying us, and 
> we should be ready to say, ?Use me as you will!? For Jesus the hour of being 
> lifted up on the cross was also the hour of being lifted up in glory. All who 
> share in being lifted up on their crosses will also be lifted up in glory in 
> Him.
> Facing one?s fearOne of his biographers tells us that Dr. Martin Luther King 
> knew many low moments. One night, for instance, his house was bombed. This 
> literally plunged him into the deepest pit of despair ?he hit rock bottom. In 
> a state of utter exhaustion and desperate dejection he fell down on his knees 
> and figuratively threw himself into the arms of God. This is how he prayed: 
> ?Lord I have taken a stand for what I believe is right. But now I?m afraid. 
> The people are looking to me for leadership. If I stand before them without 
> strength and courage, they too will falter. But I?m at the end of my powers. 
> I have nothing left. I can?t face it any longer.? In other words, that was 
> Martin Luther King?s Gethsemane. But, like Jesus, he went on to add, ?I 
> experienced the presence of God in a way like I had never experienced before. 
> And that was the only factor that enabled me to carry on regardless of the 
> outcome.?J. Valladares in ?Your Words are Spirit and they are Life?
> Unless a grain diesSeveral years ago Catherine Marshall wrote an article 
> called ?When We Dare to Trust God.? It told how she had been bed-bound for 
> six months with a serious lung infection. No amount of medication or prayer 
> helped. She was terribly depressed. One day someone gave her a pamphlet about 
> a woman missionary who had contracted a strange disease. The missionary had 
> been sick for eight years and couldn?t understand why God let this tragedy 
> happen to her. Daily she prayed for health to resume her work. But her 
> prayers were unanswered. One day, in desperation, she cried out to God: ?All 
> right I give up. If you want me to be an invalid, that?s your business.? 
> Within two weeks that missionary was fully recovered. Catherine Marshall was 
> puzzled by that strange story. It didn?t make sense. ?Yet? she said, ?I 
> couldn?t forget that story.? Then one morning Catherine cried out to God: 
> ?God I?m tired of asking you for health. You decide if you want me sick or 
> healthy.? At that moment, 
> Catherine said later, her health began to return. The story of that 
> missionary woman and the story of Catherine Marshall illustrate what Jesus is 
> talking about in today?s gospel. ?Unless a grain of wheat dies, it cannot 
> bear fruit.? Or to put it another way, unless we die to our own will, we 
> cannot bear fruit for God.Mark Link in ?Sunday Homilies?
> Death to LifeIn the movie The Poseidon Adventure, a ship is turned upside 
> down by a tidal wave. Under the leadership of a priest, played by Gene 
> Hackman, a small group of passengers make an incredible struggle for 
> survival. Several members of this group die during this adventure, including 
> the priest himself. However, it was his heroism that inspired the passengers 
> who did survive to persevere. His death became the source of their escape to 
> life. Death leading to life is one of the themes of today?s gospel. Jesus 
> says: ?Unless a grain of wheat falls and dies, it remains just a grain of 
> wheat. But if it dies, it produces much fruit.?Albert Cylwicki in ?His Word 
> Resounds?
> Dying for anotherMaximilian Kolbe was a Franciscan priest in Poland, and he 
> was in a concentration camp during the Second World War. Some prisoners had 
> escaped and the authorities were determined that this should not happen 
> again. For every prisoner that escaped they picked a prisoner in the group, 
> and that prisoner was condemned to die. After one young man was picked up, 
> someone who had a wife and young family back home, Maximilian stepped forward 
> and offered to take his place. The soldiers were shocked at this, but they 
> took him up on his offer, and the young man returned to the group. Maximilian 
> died in a horrible fashion, as they were all locked in cages and left there 
> to starve to death. All during that time he encouraged others, and inspired 
> them with his prayers. He was canonized some years ago and the prisoner whose 
> place Maximilian took, wept through the entire ceremony. I like to think that 
> he understood what real love is, and that death would no longer have any fear 
> for hi
> m.Jack McArdle in ?And that?s the Gospel truth?
> The Grain of wheat must dieIn New Zealand there are more flightless birds 
> than anywhere on earth. Among them are the kiwi and the penguin. Scientists 
> tell us that these birds had wings but lost them. They had no use for them. 
> They had no natural predators on those beautiful islands, and food was 
> plentiful. Since there was no reason to fly they didn?t. Through neglect they 
> lost their wings. Compare them to the eaglet that somehow ended up in a 
> chicken barnyard. The eaglet was raised with the chickens, pecking at corn, 
> and strutting around the chicken coop. One day a mountain man, passing by, 
> recognized the bird, now a fully grown eagle, and asked the farmer if he 
> could work to rehabilitate it. The farmer said, ?Go ahead, but it?s useless. 
> All that the eagle knows is pecking corn like a chicken.? The mountaineer 
> began weeks of rigorous training with the eagle, forcing it to run after him 
> so that it had to use its wings. Many times the eagle fell out of the limbs 
> of trees onto its head.
>  One day, finally, the mountaineer took the eagle to the top of a mountain 
> and held it above his head on his wrist. Giving an upward thrust to his arm, 
> he sent the eagle into the sky with a ?Fly!? The eagle circled and wheeled 
> upwards, straining, till it soon took off in a majestic sweep and looked 
> directly into the sun. It was gone. It had regained its nature. It was an 
> eagle once more.Gerard Fuller in ?Stories for All Seasons?
> The Gain in Grain?Hope for the Flowers? is a well-known parable written by 
> Trina Paulus. It tells of two caterpillars, Stripe and Yellow, who are 
> crawling in a caterpillar queue (rat-race) to reach the top. They see another 
> caterpillar hanging upside down waiting to become a butterfly, who explains: 
> ?It looks like that you will die, but, you will really live. Life is being 
> changed!? Convinced, Yellow surrenders and becomes a butterfly; Stripe 
> continues crawling. Am I ready to surrender and fly rather than crawl to 
> yield a hundredfold harvests rather than survive selfishly?Francis Gonsalves 
> in ?Sunday Seeds for Daily Deeds?
> May we be ready to surrender, knowing that we are safe in His love!
> Fr. Jude Botelho
> PS. The stories, incidents and anecdotes used in the reflections have been 
> collected over the years from books as well as from sources over the net and 
> from e-mails received. Every effort is made to acknowledge authors whenever 
> possible. If you send in stories or illustrations I would be grateful if you 
> could quote the source as well so that they can be acknowledged if used in 
> these reflections.These reflections are also available on my Web site 
>  you.
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> Net For Life
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> Subject: [Goanet] Dairy farmer's meet remain inconclusive
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> -- 
> Samir Umarye
> BICHOLIM: Even as the dairy farmers strongly demanded that Goa dairy should
> increase their prices of milk the annual meeting of the Bicholim dairy
> farmers remained inconclusive with the authorities failing to give any such
> assurance to the farmers.
> It may be stated that today an annual meeting of the dairy farmers was held
> at the government primary school building at Bicholim. About 50 farmers
> were present for the meeting. Some of the farmers raised concern over the
> fact that most of the farmers have stopped supply of milk to Goa Dairy and
> have diverted to another private dairy originally from Gujarat.The farmers
> demanded that Goa Dairy should look into this fact and raise the price
> given to farmers.
> The Managing Director of Goa Dairy, Dr Sawant was also present for the
> meeting. As per the sources the private dairy has started two outlets in
> Bicholim which has severely affected the supply of milk to Goa Dairy in
> Bicholim. "Goa Dairy is giving us very less price for the milk while the
> other dairy are giving us almost double the price as compared to Goa dairy
> so many of them have stopped giving milk to Goa Dairy" Rohidas Gad stated.
> Some of the farmers supply milk to both the dairies and what has angered
> the farmers is the fact that Goa Dairy has also stopped fodder given to
> them on concessional rate. "On one side Goa Dairy is giving us low rate at
> the same time they have now stopped the fodder supplied to the farmers
> stating that we are supplying our milk to another dairy. If we are getting
> better rate at some other place why shouldn't we take the benefit?"
> questioned a farmer.
> When contacted the Goa Dairy MD, Dr Sawant claimed that there is no effect
> of some other dairy on them. "Today it was a very good meeting and several
> of the farmers raised their demands with us. I would put forth their
> grievances before the board of directors and we would take the right
> decision" Dr Sawant told.
> "There is no effect of entry of some other dairy in Goa. We are in profit
> and last year we had collected 68000 litre per day while this year we are
> collecting 79000 litres of milk every day" Dr Sawant told "I request all
> those who have gone to some other dairy to come back to Goa dairy and we
> welcome them."
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> From: Roland Francis <>
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> Subject: [Goanet] Emergency Numbers Are Busy
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> Quote 
> Narayan said the auto lost control and toppled right before his eyes. The 
> elderly driver, Rajkumar Palekar (54), and his passenger, Surekha Shivekar 
> (32), were thrown out. "The airbags in my car popped out. My immediate 
> reaction was to check on the auto driver and passenger. She was conscious and 
> moaning in pain but he, being much older, had lost consciousness immediately. 
> I dialled the police emergency number '100' but it was busy. Around 50 people 
> gathered after the accident but nobody offered to help," said Narayan. 
> Unquote.
> This is an excerpt from a newspaper article about Indian actor Aditya Narayan 
> ramming his Mercedes Benz into an auto rickshaw in Bombay.
> ?The emergency number 100 was busy?. This is quite the norm from various 
> reports. What good is an emergency number if it is busy. Once there were 
> standard excuses for this kind of poor showing. India is poor or India has a 
> huge population.
> Now it is more transparent why actually such things happen. Skewed priorities 
> or low value for life.
> Roland Francis
> Toronto.
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> From: Frederick Noronha <>
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> Subject: [Goanet] Another good Goan goes book out-of-print (with this
>    DVD)
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> Molbailo Dou
> Claudia
> Tambdde Roza
> Mog tuzo kitlo axelo
> Uploaded by fcarod (Francis Rodriguez), long-time Goanetter, ex-East Africa
> and Vasco, now in Canada and the US.
> -- 
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> Subject: [Goanet] Mopa Airport pyramid invitation for suggestions and
>    expressions of interest
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> Mopa Airport pyramid invitation for suggestions and expressions of interest
> In the English Dictionary Goa comes before Goan, God and Google. In his song 
> ?Proud to be Goan? written specially for World Goa Day, Basilio Magno, former 
> Editor of Goan Echo, while in Russelsheim Germany described Goa as a small 
> dot on the map.  This was more than thirty years ago when Jorge and Livia De 
> Abreu proposed World Goa Day, seconded by a lady in Maryland California. Lest 
> we forget this special event called ?World Goa Day (WGD)? was instituted to 
> mark the anniversary of that momentous day ? 20th of August 1992 ? when the 
> Indian Parliament included Konkani in the 8th Schedule of the Indian 
> Constitution. That was the long awaited day when Konkani got due recognition 
> as an official language in India, Konkani ? ?Amchi Bas? ? Our Mother tongue, 
> finally recognized as Indian. What a wonderful reason to celebrate. For ten 
> years nothing happened until the strenuous efforts of Rene Baretto in London 
> got the occasion up and running and created an interest in different parts of 
> the wor
> ld. This is now celebrated at in various countries at different times of the 
> year. If the date of Christmas day could be changed by the Goan it would have 
> been by now. The Logo of World Goa Day shows a family leaving the Golden 
> Sands of Goa crossing the sea, with them, they carried our culture, music, 
> food and heritage.
> Rewinding, as a former editor of the Goan Association (UK) Newsletter with no 
> internet access and one finger typing on a slow Remington manual typewriter 
> going tap tap tap into the night waking the neighbours I had asked for a list 
> of outstanding jobs to be done in Goa and invited our people with skills 
> living abroad to assist local people and projects funded by Surplus income 
> from celebrations eating and dancing in several countries that could create 
> employment opportunities. May I ask again perhaps the NRI office can 
> coordinate? Our people are so clever Google not needed. You may recall 
> President Banda of Malawi expelled a whole Goan population from Malawi 
> because there were dancing at the club while his speech was on the Radio.
> World Goa Day in 2018 is more important than it has ever been. Today it 
> highlights our people who are neither here nor there some even having 
> abandoned Goan family names one would think we have an artificial half cast 
> generation CHOTARA with names like Mckenzie, Johnson, Washington, Shelton, 
> Rodney and Fawn. These are not Goan or Portuguese or Indian names as new 
> arrivals from Goa land in Breadline Britain in search of a better life and 
> employment opportunities. These names could be associated with Kapris from 
> the West Indies along with the local natives.
> There is a saying you are worth more dead than alive. In England the 
> Registered Charity Goan Welfare Society based in Cranford can and has 
> arranged for a one or four bedroom coffins to be airfreighted to Goa 
> depending on Price. To remind you this new business appears to have no 
> transparent audit trail and, in its absence, could be easily viewed as a hand 
> in pocket thrill recently being mimicked by others begging for money on the 
> internet with no payment safeguard for donations and their donors thus 
> leaving their individual bank account open to fraudsters. Those who qualified 
> so far have been Portuguese Nationals of Goan Origin claiming to have no 
> money. Goan Welfare Society has enough funds for the next hundred coffins or 
> Ashes facility for 200. With unknown additional income from the overcrowded 
> 700 capacity fundraiser New Year?s Ball 2017 at Wands worth Town Hall and 
> income streams from Raffles, Bar, Paper hats, catering Life membership 
> revenue with no receipts or welcome pack crea
> ting a feel good factor. Although I have enquired, no one has told me the 
> amount raised and my feeling is nobody cares as they dance the night away. No 
> more begging please.   Every other day there are announcements of people 
> dying in UK followed by requiem mass and burial in GOA.   Is it the latest 
> craze to come to UK before you die?   For free shipment back to Mother Goa 
> for burial?
> In my note of 5th May I asked as to what happens to bodies chemically treated 
> abroad to prevent decay brought to mother Goa for burial. Just like mining 
> and coal, this business with allegations of Hand in Pocket has no 
> consideration for the environment as in Goa graves are recycled every three 
> years as bodies decompose. There used to be talk of human bones distributed 
> across the state by foxes is this still the Case.
> The Pyramid will be a memento of our present civilization. The building could 
> have a cremation facility to process the newly arrived bodies, the ashes 
> including gold from tooth fillings and accessories could be passed on to 
> loved ones. The coffins that were zinc or lead lined could be stripped of 
> precious metals that could be recycled.
> To further protect the environment every person in Goa should now lobby their 
> representatives to ban the burial of chemically treated bodies They must be 
> cremated on arrival with the ashes handed to family and loved ones. To be 
> enshrined in law by the legislative assembly.
> 21,000 trees have been felled. The MOPA Airport project has been stopped 
> while the search for local workers to be employed resumes.
> To get the Pyramid project up and running you will need a committee headed by 
> a President, on second thoughts scrub this as no one follows any rules.
> The days of crab mentality played a vital role in the survival of our people 
> yester year when our hardy ancestors left the shores of Goa without Travel 
> insurance to plant the flag for Europeans inland on the dark Continent. Crab 
> Mentality prevented deaths by stopping people going into disease infested 
> land and wild animals a place where the Europeans sent you first never to 
> return.
> The views expressed in this article are personal and should not be used as 
> any authority.
> Melvyn Fernandes
> Thornton Heath Surrey England
> 13 March 2018
> End of Goanet Digest, Vol 13, Issue 134
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