The letter sent by Aires is in bad taste and he perhaps has not actually
studied Babush's plans. I am one of his voters and consequently  have been
deliberating with him over several aspects affecting the village of
Taleigao a number of times. This extends to the main city of Panjim as well.
Following his victory over Sidharth Kuncolienkar in the Panjim bypolls in
which he succeeded the latter as MLA of the capital city, everyone was
aware of his election vision document stating that casinos would be shipped
out of the River Mandovi within 100 days.
Due to the many hurdles and obstacles within the Congress party, he waited
after resuming charge as MLA. This however, doesn't mean that he is against
the Congress party. It just means that due to the many issues that crept up
with senior members of the party who weren't cooperating, a move to the BJP
beckoned which would benefit the public at large. Pramod Sawant even
promised that his election manifesto with respect to the casinos would be
Sawant however, decided to gamble and pressurised Babush to get more
numbers to quit the Congress and switch over to the BJP, bringing the total
number to 10.
The timing of Aires' letter in my opinion was wrong. He probably could have
waited to see if Babush fails his promise before sending the letter. I do
however feel that Babush is intelligent enough to see his promise through.
He did have two major cases lodged against him, one of rape and the other
of stoning a police station, which he's confident he can get away with.
Aires has clearly underestimated him.
I have also raised the issue of an illegal construction of an 8 floor
building which I believe will soon be investigated with the construction
being paused. I believe this building would be used to house casino
workers. There are also rumours of prostitution around my residence that
are circling which I'm deeply uncomfortable with. I have been promised that
all issues within city limits would be taken care of.
Let us give Babush some time and help him get Sawant over to his side.
Perhaps then Aires will be surprised by his intelligence.

Stephen Dias
Dona Paula
Senior affected  citizen
Taleigao Voter
LETTER  from Aires appeared in Goanet and based on his message the above is
my reply and opinion.
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Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2019 04:16:49 +0530
From: Aires Rodrigues <>
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It is very disgraceful that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has decided to
handsomely reward Panaji MLA and chronic party hopper Babush Monseratte by
re-appointing him as the Chairman of the very lucrative Greater Panjim
Planning and Development Authority (GPPDA) for joining the BJP.

In May this year the very same Chief Minister Pramod Sawant during the
campaign for the Panaji Assembly Constituency by-election had publicly
stated that  in view of Babush Monseratte?s serious criminal antecedents it
was wrong for the then Town & Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai to
have appointed Babush Monseratte as the Chairman of the GPPDA. So what has
changed now, Mr. Chief Minister? Does joining the BJP cleanse you of all
your sins?

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant had also while raking up Babush Monseratte?s
criminal antecedents accused him of being a ?rapist? and that the women of
Panaji would not be safe if he was elected as MLA. Hope Pramod Sawant is
feeling safe now.

The Supreme Court has rightly ruled that charge sheeted politicians should
not be inducted in government positions. Babush Monseratte has serious
criminal cases pending against him including that of rape and stoning the
Panaji Police Station.

May sense and prudence prevail in Babush Monseratte not to crave for any
public position till he is cleared of all criminal cases. There is need of
probity in public life and this awful turbidity on the political arena
needs to be seriously and firmly dealt with.

Aires Rodrigues

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