Kashmir file vulgar  and propaganda

Lapid and member of jury has raised a storm .It is agreed process to limit
comments only on films that are chosen for awards only and that is ethics
and agreed procedure.Nadav
Lapid  misued  the platform. Those jurors on stage  could have stopped him
in the track or disagreed immediately  thereafter with his unwarranted
personal    observations
The Schindlers list ,
Piano. Life is beautiful  in the same genre  are not labeled as
propaganda.There is wide criticism  on them too but  that is not brought
under lime light  and sharp focus
Kashmir files is a very popular film highlighting genocides  of Kashmir
Pandits kept under tight raps for 32 years.
This juror Lapid has caused similar embarrassment of  love and hate
relatiobship in  his own country supporting Palestine and Israel  being
accused.The Ambassador of Israel has disowned his insensitive  remarks.The
point is why such a  critic and film maker was appointed as  head of jury
in the first place ,
without systematic background check and his known views on holocaust

IT is a fact that many Indians too have different, divergent  opinion about
facts,  exaggeration, sensalisation an attempt to polarise It is a right to
agree to disagree but to label it  as vulgar and propaganda  is a different
issue.The film  fraternity in India  is silent about his observation and
indifferent  for the fear of backlash His caustic remarks create turbulence
in India and indirect support of genocide
What action can be taken against Lapid except condemnation and censure.In
the bargain he is hogging limelight internationally for time being
Nelson Lopes Chinchinim

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