Eddie Dsa is a London based crusader for a cause that is not easily discerned. 
But no matterwhat, his ramblings do not belong on Goanet : this is no home for 
the loner. He combines his anti Church invective with the domain of a right 
wing US group that uses religion as a coverto get a tax deduction for its 
political activities. Their message constitutes shameless slander.   The 'Rev" 
Paul Scalia who sits on the Board is a son of the late Supreme Court judge 
Antonin,the combative activist whose demented pseudo legal arguments often 
carried the day in recentyears : so you get the picture.    DSa knows about 
promotion, he worked in the field and his careear ended with the  failure of 
hisDenmark based advertising junket. He almost certainly derives an income from 
his involvement with the so called Catholic Thing / Faith and Reason Institute. 
   I wish his garbage was not inflicted on us.

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