Congratulations to Sr. J. Menezes for putting a massive effort in  writing the 
real perspective  of the  history of Portuguese presence in the subcontinent. 
For many decades Goans have been subject to the  version of the invaders. This 
book would be a good read for those who have been brainwashed, but  also to the 
remnants of the so called freedom fighters such as the likes of Libia Lobo 
Best wishes and good health to Sr. Joao Menezes..

          Goa's past is a strongly contested one.  Depending
          on whom you are reading, or listening to, you could
          easily believe that you are encountering very
          different regions.  Now, along comes a book which
          offers yet another different take on Goan history
          -- definitely not the one you're likely to learn in
          the text books of our times.


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