I want to start developing for Android, and would like your advice on that: 
Where to start.

My background is Linux. I have a lot of programming experience. Mainly C 
and Perl, followed by C and Python, and for the last five years it's mainly 
Go. I did some Java programming for a few weeks, decades ago, and I didn't 
like it.

I played around briefly with DroidScript http://droidscript.org/ a while 
ago, but never used it for anything useful.

My first goal is to get to know Android as a developer, learn its concepts, 
architecture, possibilities. What I am going to do with it is something I 
don't know yet, but I don't want to limit myself by using the wrong 
development platform. So, Android Studio would be the obvious choice. But: 

How about Go Mobile? Is that useful as a starting point, or should I try to 
get to know the system first using Android Studio? What are the 
capabilities of Go Mobile? Can it do all the stuff a native app can do, 
system calls, events, graphics, sound, sensors, communications, all that 
stuff? Can I use all the Java libraries for Android that I assume must be 
available out there?

Or should I use another platform all together? There seem to be so many. A 
quick search got me Adobe PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, DroidScript, 
NativeScript, AppDeck...

(If things can run on iPhone too... I don't care.)

I would like to hear your advice on what you think is the best platform. 
But what's important too is: does it have good tutorials, that explain 
concepts and architecture, as well as how to do practical stuff.

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