On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 11:22 AM, Paul Jolly <p...@myitcv.org.uk> wrote:
> Please can someone can enlighten me or point me towards relevant docs/other
> regarding the design decisions behind time.Time?
> Specifically why the concept of an instant in time, referenced many times
> throughout the time docs, was not encoded as a type itself:
> type Instant struct {
>     sec int64
>     nsec int32
> }
> and time.Time then reference time.Instant in some way:
> type Time struct {
>     instant Instant
>     loc *Location
> }
> The obvious difference being that an instant in time has no location. If I'm
> only interested in instants in time (i.e. my code doesn't do anything
> presentational) then the location is redundant.

I don't know if that was ever considered.

I expect that part of the reasoning is that most operating systems
don't give you a way to get an instant in time, separate from a
location.  They just tell you what time it is in the system timezone,


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