> Thanks Chris, I would be very interested in your comments.

> I did think about submitting a PR to Go kit, but I noticed it had already 
> been discussed in #325. I thought I'd just work it up as a separate package 
> and then see if there is any interest (there has been a modest amount of 
> interest, but certainly no avalanche).

Hi Jolie, I know what you mean about the loss of type safety with variadic 
list of type interface{}. You might be interested in another package I 
wrote, which attempts to add some additional type safety when using these 
APIs: see https://github.com/jjefferykv. It's one of those things that 
seemed like a very good idea at the time, but as I use the variadic 
[]interface{} API more I have become more comfortable with it and I find 
myself reaching for package kv less often. YMMV. 

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