On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 2:56:42 PM UTC-7, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> > A function to insert a byte into a slice is conspicuous by its absence. 
> It's a one-liner. 
>     append(s[:p], append([]byte{b}, s[p:]...)...) 

This is already gobbledygook :) Does that read "Insert" to you? It doesn't 
to me.

> it's easy enough to write a helper function yourself. 

Of course, but two reasons for the stdlib are:
  foster semantic clarity in client code
  prevent innumerable variations across packages in the name and signature 
of a common function

To argue that this should go into the standard library, look at some 
> corpus of Go code and find out how often it occurs.  If it occurs 
> fairly often, you've got a good case. 

Fairly often; i.e. as often as Replace or Trim*? In my experience it passes 
that test.

That Insert and Delete are missing implies to me that there is something 
strange about such operations.

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