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> I really like this, except for the claim that it the blog post that it
> will eliminate vendoring and deprecate GOPATH and the problems that
> will cause for backwards compatibility for things that are currently
> using them. If this is going to result in removing language features
> (ie. vendoring), shouldn't it be in Go2, not Go 1.11?

The proposal is only to remove vendoring when working with modules.
Non-module repos with vendor directories will keep building at least past
Go 1.11,
perhaps even forever.

> The other question I have is: where does the module name come from if
> you don't have a "// import" comment on the package, since it can't be
> filesystem based (because you're explicitly outside of GOPATH..)

It comes from go.mod. It only has to come from somewhere else if go.mod is
missing. That was a cute trick to ease transition more than anything else.
The places that vgo looks to try to guess a module path when filling in the
initial go.mod are:

    - // import comments in the top-level directory or immediate
    - Godeps/Godeps.json
    - vendor/vendor.json
    - .git/config

Perhaps this is not worth keeping in the real integration, but it was a
nice way to get off the ground.


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