Golang gurus,

I'm currently trying to modularize my project with the help of Golang 
plugin, and I come across this dependency vendoring dilemma.

Let's say we have a project layout:

   - Two different projects in separate repo: `Host` and `Guest`
   - `Host` depends on package `pkgA`
   - `Guest` depends on package `pkgA` too
   - `Guest` is compiled as plugin, and loaded by `Host`
   - `pkgA` is vendored into both `Host` and `Guest`

In this situation, `pkgA` would be loaded twice and independently, meaning 
there are two instance of the package in the program, one lives in `Guest` 
and one in `Host`. init() would be called twice as well

Particularly, I'm dealing with golang.org/x/net/trace package, which 
actually registers an endpoint /debug/requests. The second attempt would 
panic because of double-registration.

I'd appreciate any advice on how to manage common dependencies of plugin 
and main project, thank you!

- J

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