Unfortunately I have no tests yet. My plan is to use testify an mockery to 
generate tests for the Storage interface. I  am aware of the fact that this 
only tests the app code . For testing the database methods we'll start 
integration tests against a real database.,

kind regards 

Am Dienstag, 13. März 2018 19:53:02 UTC+1 schrieb matthe...@gmail.com:
> Writing to be testable is good but ideally tests shouldn’t drive the app 
> code. I’ll admit that I’ve written inconsistent database method patterns to 
> enable testing but then never wrote tests.
> In that case there’s a global DB type (type DB struct { *sql.DB }) with a 
> global var of the type initialized at the start of main. The HTTP handlers 
> call DB methods on the global var, then ideally all of those DB methods use 
> the receiver instead of the global var. I’m not sure how I’d start now, but 
> the idea is those methods could be tested with a different DB (I’m not 
> familiar with any sql in-memory ones).
> Can you describe your code and testing in more detail?
> Thanks,
> Matt
> On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 12:39:40 PM UTC-5, Reinhard Luediger wrote:
>> hi,
>> first of all thanks for your reply. Indeed, the interface arose from the 
>> necessity of testing. Have you expierience with a memory sql driver? Could 
>> you recommend one?

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