On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 3:21 PM Robert P. J. Day <rpj...@crashcourse.ca>

> ... -- what does it mean
> to import a name that is a single .a file versus importing a directory
> name from under GOROOT (in my case, on fedora, /usr/lib/golang).

You mostly cannot really import a file and neither you can import a
directory. The argument of the import clause is an import path. An import
path is interpreted and chosen by the compiler and the build system in a
way that makes the use of a prebuilt archive file or something in the build
cache (new in Go 1.10) or a bunch of source files in directory (mostly)
invisible to the user.

> given that there is no top-level container.a file, would it even
> make any sense to say:
> import "container"

AFAICT, this will look first for
$GOROOT/pkg/$GOOS_$GOARCH_some_optional_tag/container.a then for sources in
$GOPATH/src/container/ and possibnly at any other time into the build cache.



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