>   ah, it's all (i think) clear now. so, based on what i see under
> ${GOROOT}/src/hash, i could do any or all of the following:
>   import "hash"
>   import "hash/adler32"
>   import "hash/crc32"
>   import "hash/crc64"
>   import "hash/fnv"

note that you don't need to import "hash" unless you are writing a
hash yourself (i.e., you're implementing something that returns
hash.Hash32 or hash.Hash64). in fact, if you look at adler32, the
imported "hash" package is used only in function definitions. this
means that you only import the packages you use, and the build system
takes care to bring in all necessary dependencies or to build them
from source where they're missing. from the faq:

"Go provides a model for software construction that makes dependency
analysis easy and avoids much of the overhead of C-style include files
and libraries.


> which all represent distinct imports. however, it would make no sense
> to:
>   import "container"

correct. there is no package "container".

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