So at my new Job I'm the only one using Go and it's going quite well, but 
i'm having to extract data from our Netezza database using java or python, 
load it into .csv files and then work with it using Go. I'd much rather use 
Go for everything, especially as I'm planning to build some tools that 
would require me to have direct DB access. 

I've done some research and I haven't been able to find any Go JDBC drivers 
that are currently being developed or full featured. The closest I've found 
is >> but development stopped about 
3 years ago.

I'd definitely be willing to dedicate the time and write this myself so the 
community can benefit, but I have a couple questions before I get started.
1. Am I missing something? Is there a library out there that allows for 
what I'm trying to do?
2. Does anyone have any experience writing a JDBC driver?
3. Is this a worthwhile endeavor? Is there a reason a full featured Go JDBC 
driver doesn't exist?
4. Would anyone like to join me on this journey?

I appreciate your time.


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