If Netezza can work with IBM CLI interface, then you can check out the Go 
CLI driver that I wrote for DB2: https://github.com/asifjalil/cli. 


On Friday, April 13, 2018 at 2:49:59 PM UTC-4, Ken Bailey wrote:
> So at my new Job I'm the only one using Go and it's going quite well, but 
> i'm having to extract data from our Netezza database using java or python, 
> load it into .csv files and then work with it using Go. I'd much rather use 
> Go for everything, especially as I'm planning to build some tools that 
> would require me to have direct DB access. 
> I've done some research and I haven't been able to find any Go JDBC 
> drivers that are currently being developed or full featured. The closest 
> I've found is >> https://github.com/japettyjohn/go-jdbc but development 
> stopped about 3 years ago.
> I'd definitely be willing to dedicate the time and write this myself so 
> the community can benefit, but I have a couple questions before I get 
> started.
> 1. Am I missing something? Is there a library out there that allows for 
> what I'm trying to do?
> 2. Does anyone have any experience writing a JDBC driver?
> 3. Is this a worthwhile endeavor? Is there a reason a full featured Go 
> JDBC driver doesn't exist?
> 4. Would anyone like to join me on this journey?
> I appreciate your time.
> Ken

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