I'm running a mac cocoa event loop, and calling a go ticker:

void StartApp() {
    [NSAutoreleasePool new];
    [NSApplication sharedApplication];
    [NSApp setActivationPolicy:NSApplicationActivationPolicyRegular];
    [NSApp run];

func test() {
 last := time.Now()
 ticker := time.NewTicker(time.Second)
 for range ticker.C {
     t := time.Now()
     diff := t.Sub(last)
     if diff > time.Second*2 {
         fmt.Println("Tick slow:", diff)
     last = t

func main() {
 go test()

currenly just running the go program from the terminal, though I got 
similar results packaging it into an app.

I soon get very long periods between ticker fires:

Tick slow: 3.501350114s
Tick slow: 5.551485377s

This seems to only happen with 

[NSApp setActivationPolicy:NSApplicationActivationPolicyRegular];

NSApplicationActivationPolicyProhibited and 
NSApplicationActivationPolicyAccessory don't cause this.

I assume it's the event loop in [NSApp run] that is causing this, but don't 
know how to start making a mac appliction with goroutines and tickers that 
don't get blocked.

Does anybody know how to avoid this and why it is happening?


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